Weight Loss Program by Saxenda Pen


Weight Loss Program by Saxenda Pen


The principle of weight reduction is "Intake less than Output or use less energy than you consume

But research has shown that the factor for successful weight loss is up to 80% of eating and 20% of exercise. Therefore, eating is a very important part of losing weight. If we are able to eat just the right amount, even using the same energy Weight can be reduced. When we consume not too much of the right amount for a period of time, it will cause stomach size to be smaller and improve behavior over the long term without the yoyo effect like with conventional diet pills.

Weight Loss Program by Napatchar Clinic

Our doctors have been studying and researching this weight loss pen since studying abroad. It is a drug developed from diabetes drug for use in reducing obesity especially and has been approved for use in people who are overweight or underweight but have consequences of overweight such as knee pain, pain. The latter, diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. Therefore, you can be assured that this drug is safe and can be used even with certain underlying diseases. Not only does losing weight for beauty or body shape, but weight loss also includes a lower risk of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, or stroke.

Weight loss program by Napatchar Clinic consists of:

  • Weight Loss Pen is used under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Change eating behavior
  • Exercise
  • Drip vitamins or take vitamins to improve metabolism.

What is Weight Loss Pen?

Weight Loss Pen or Saxenda is a type of Peptide that mimics hormones in our body. It's Liraglutide. That has an effect similar to a hormone in the body called GLP-1 secreted after eating. It will make you feel full, hungry less, eat less, and lead to weight loss.

Is the Weight Loss Pen safe?

The drug is certified by the Food and Drug Administration in both Thailand and America as safe. You can use it for weight control under the supervision of a doctor.

Who is suitable for?

  • People with a BMI greater than or equal to 27 are obese.
  • People with a BMI 25-27 are overweight or have weight-related health problems (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal blood lipids, breathing problems during snoring)
  • People who want to lose weight but they can't do it yet.
  • People who want to change their eating habits but they can't do it yet.

Goals for weight loss by Weight Loss Pen
10-15% weight loss in 2-3 months


  • Allergy to Liraglutide.
  • Thyroid cancer (hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism Medication can be used)
  • Endocrine Diseases
  • Under 18 years old and over 75 years old
  • People with kidney and liver problems should consult their doctor first.
  • Pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Take diabetes drugs or drugs related to blood clotting.

Advantages over conventional weight loss pills

Over-the-counter weight loss or diet pills that are not approved by the FDA often have a number of side effects, such as palpitations, high pressure, insomnia, irritability, dry skin, dry mouth, dry throat, hallucinations. And lack of nutrients After stopping taking the drug, it will be able to produce a Yoyo Effect (and may return to fatter). Unstandardized conventional weight loss pills can worsen our health. 


  • Help to gradually lose weight and not lose too fast.
  • Reduce body fat, whether it is excess fat or internal fat.
  • Change long-term eating habits, reduce fussy eating, smaller stomach and be full faster.
  • Safe, low side effects, no palpitations, irritability or insomnia.
  • Reduce the risk of hypertension and diabetes.


  • There are some side effects for the first time using such as nausea.
  • Cannot be purchased for yourself and must be dispensed only by a doctor.
  • Can't lose specific parts of fat
  • The price is higher than the conventional diet pills.

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