What is Filler? Hya?


What is Filler? Hya?


Q: What is a filler treatment?
A: A filler refers to “Fill” that means to add something. Therefore, a filler is a combination word referred to filling substances such as Fat or Hyaluronic acid which is the current trend. Because it is a substance that is made to mimic our natural skin. Thus, it is safe, very low chance of allergic reactions, unflown and undeformed when injected. Most importantly, it can dissolve naturally.

Q: Which filler should I select?
A: There are two main types of fillers: permanent and temporary fillers. Currently, we often recommend all patients to select the temporary filler or hyaluronic acid which is safer, spontaneously dissolves. Even you don't like the result, it still can be dissolved by injecting. No need to scrape off like the liquid silicone in the past.

Q: Be afraid of flowing, deforming and disfiguring face
A:  Mostly, these side effects cause by fake fillers, unknown fillers or liquid silicone instead of Hyaluronic acid. As I said, liquid silicone will not dissolve on its own. When it stays a long time, it can flow until it deforms. There is no cure, it only needs to be scraped off. This one must be very careful. Perhaps some quacks will use it because it's cheaper.

Q: After an injection, I have an obvious lump, does it look natural?
A: If you select the correct filler model that has a suitable texture for the problem area, injecting the right skin layer will definitely get a natural, non-lumpy result. In these steps, the doctor will choose and plan treatment for each person to be different. For example, if you want to inject a superficial area of ​​skin, you will need to choose lighter and smaller filler molecules to prevent lumps and bumps. But the downside is that it won't last very long.

Q: After an injection, do I have to scape it off?
A: If it is a genuine filler certified by FDA in Thailand, it will be able to dissolve by itself over time. But if you want it to dissolve first, it is unnecessary to scrape it off because we do have the dissolving injection.

Q: Can filler be accumulated? Does it have any residue?
A: If it is a genuine filler certified by FDA in Thailand, it will be able to dissolve by itself naturally. There is no accumulation and residue in the long-term period.

Q: How long does it last?
A: It’s up to the filter, the longest one is Juvederm Voluma that can last for 18-24 months. The filler for eyes won't last long because it has low density. Normally, it will last for 6-12 months ( up to each person).

Q: How soon will I see any result?
A: You can see the result after an injection immediately. But you may find swelling and redness at the injection site. After that, it will be reduced gently until it is cured approximately 1-2 weeks.

Q: Can I make up after injecting the filler?
A: Yes, you can. The best time is after 24 hours because the needle hole area will be closed after 24 hrs. However, if necessary, we recommended you avoid applying any foundation or cream around that area.

Q: How many days will I be swollen and bruised?
A: Tomorrow morning, you may have swelling. For those who have sensitive skin or injected filler around their mouths will have the swelling the most (It is usual) caused by an injection. After that, it will be reduced gradually. It will be completely faded within 2 weeks but for 3-5 days would be faded too. Some of you may feel painful a little bit when touching or applying cream or cleaning your face.  For chin filler, you may feel stiff and tight because your chin muscle has been Stretched out. You could feel it for 2-3 days. But if you have severe symptoms such as painful, bruised or swollen too much, please consult the doctor or the clinic as soon as possible to taking a medicine or treatment respectively.

Q: Who is suitable for filler injection?
A: Filler injection is suitable for patients who have sunken cheeks, lack of volume, look tired, shabby, not fresh, especially the sunken eyes, short chin, square chin and flat cheeks. Filler injection can solve this problem directly.

Q: Where is the filler injection most dangerous?
A: The most dangerous areas according to some reports are on the forehead and nose areas. By the way, every operative surgery has risks. Therefore, the doctor has to take the time and be careful as much as possible.

Q: Are people allergic to fillers?
A: There are some people allergic to fillers. They have swelling, redness, and feel pain. If you have any of these symptoms, please contact the clinic for receiving antihistamines immediately. We will reassess that it should be dissolved or not. We need to diagnose how severe the allergic reaction is.

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